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Business Information Resources & Hudson’s Washington News Media Contacts Directories

Directory of Business Information Resourcess--With hundreds of brand-new listings and thousands of updates to existing listings, The Directory of Business Information Resources is the most up-to-date source for over 20,000 contacts in 99 business industries, from advertising and alternative energy to utilities and wholesalers.

Hudson's Washington Media Contacts Directory--Washington, D.C. has the largest concentration of news media in the world. Having access to the area's vital news contacts is the key to getting your message heard. Published for over 40 years, Hudson's Washington Media Contacts Directory provides immediate access to over 3,000 news services, including: National Newspapers with D.C. Bureaus; D.C. Newspapers; Foreign News, Syndicates, and Columnists; Radio and TV Stations; Magazines and Periodicals; and Special Services.