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Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms, 2024

Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms, 2024


This edition includes 251 firm profiles and nearly 700 executives that provide an in-depth look into the venture capital market in Canada.

The Guide to Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity is in its ninth edition. Contents of this Canadian title are extracted from the Guide to Venture Capital & Private Equity. 

Front matter includes the following reports:

  • Excerpts from the Q3 2023 Canadian Venture Capital Market Overview in Review
  • Canadian Private Equity Market Overview: Q3 2023 Year in Review
  • the Advancing the Sustainable Economy: A Look Into Canada’s Venture Capital Landscape, 2023 report

The Guide provides comprehensive profiles on each firm, including address, phone and fax numbers, e‐mail and web site addresses for both the primary and branch locations. Details can also be found on the firm's Mission Statement, Industry Group Preferences, Geographic Preferences, Average and Minimum Investments, Portfolio Companies and Investment Criteria.

Extensive information is also provided on each of the firm's Managing Partners, such as Education ‐ Degrees & College or University, Professional Background and Directorships held, along with the Partner's e‐mail address.

Five indexes finish off this title:

  • College/University Index
  • Executive Name Index
  • Geographic Index
  • Industry Preference Index
  • Portfolio Companies Index

This title is widely used as a valuable resource for financial executives, librarians, entrepreneurs and others interested in the Venture Capital and Private Equity fields.

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