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The Value of a Dollar, 1860-2024

The Value of a Dollar, 1860-2024


The Value of a Dollar records the actual prices of thousands of items that consumers purchased, from the Civil War to the present. Using this data, readers will get a broader understanding of life in America, through  the wallets of real Americans.

This edition adds a new chapter with data from 2020-2024, more illustrations and more interesting pricing information than ever before.

Arranged into easy-to-read, 5-year chapters, each provides detail on:

  • Historical Snapshots, Consumer Expenditures & Investments
  • Wages, Standard Prices & Grocery Prices
  • Selected Prices – pulled from advertisements of the time, this section lists prices of hundreds of everyday items, from apparel to furniture, sporting goods to real estate
  • Hundreds of illustrations, advertisements and photos
  • Expanded section on Trends shows how pricing changed over time
  • Conversion Charts compare the dollar of the time to today’s dollar

The Value of a Dollar is a must for a wide range of curriculums, a useful reference for news feature writers and an important educational reference that will be referred to time and time again.

This interesting and useful publication will be widely used in any reference collection.

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